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Haircare for the heat
Haircare for the heatWith summer just around the corner, make sure you’re ready to look your best. Short and sassy, bright and beautiful. It’s time to lighten your hair — both in color and in volume. I normally recommend that my clients start their summer transition in May. When you can officially wear your white shoes again, it’s time to come on in to lighten your look. As you care for your hair in the summer, make sure to retain your moisture. Over cleaning your hair strips it of natural oils that retain moisture. As you become more active in the summer, you may wash your hair more frequently, so remember these tips: 1. Reduce the temperature of your water. 2. Lather shampoo primarily at your scalp. Don’t scrub it through to the ends; they will get clean enough without extra effort down to the tips. 3. The more active you are the more may wash your hair. Make sure to replenish your moisture with a good conditioner. I like the light, spray on, leave-in conditioners such as Pravana’s Nevo Intense Therapy Conditioner. 4. Try a conditioner from our new product line, 7. One of the six conditioners is Lustre, a daily conditioner that adds dimension and shine.