Prepare your Hair for the Pool or Ocean

Prepare your Hair for the Pool or OceanJust like you were always told to wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming, I always caution my clients to prepare their hair for the water. Not only can exposure to the sun dry your hair, but chlorinated or salt water strips your hair of its natural oils and acts as a severe drying agent.

As a special note for colored hair, anytime you get into water and then into the sunshine, your hair will lighten over time, so it’s especially important to note the tips below*:

1. Before going swimming, wet your hair and apply an inexpensive conditioner throughout. This helps keep the chlorine from absorbing into your hair.

2. Wash hair thoroughly after you’re done for the day.

3. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to replenish the moisture, such as Mend, the most moisturizing conditioner from our 7 product line.

*  These tips are especially important for blondes and clients with naturally curly porous hair, which is more susceptible to absorbing chlorine.