Denver hair stylist referral program

Get A Discounted Haircut With Ken’s Hair Stylist Referral Program

Do you want a discount at your next hair appointment? Whether that’s a haircut or a hair coloring session, Ken will reduce the price for you with his hair stylist referral program!

Your referral is the best way Ken Nissen can connect with new customers! When you refer two friends to Ken and once they book an appointment, you will receive a $20 credit for your next appointment! And that doesn’t mean you can only do it once. For every two friends that you refer and that book an appointment, you’ll gain another credit for your next appointment.

So how exactly does it work? Just fill out the form below! But, we ask that you make sure your friends are comfortable with you sharing their information with Ken.

You can also simply ask your friends to mention your name when scheduling their first appointment! Whichever ways works best for you is fine by us.

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