Lighten up for Spring: Brunettes

Lighten up for Spring_BrunettesNow that Spring is here, make sure you look the part with a lighter, brighter hair tone. In Winter, brunettes have the opportunity to have very warm tones–chestnut, mahogany, auburn. But as Spring approaches, brunettes should lighten the brown tones toward a more neutral tone.

The same advice applies to highlights and low lights. Whereas in Winter, highlights may have used red tones to evoke warmth, Spring calls for a more neutral golden palette. As Brunettes transition between seasons, you can move gradually from your base tone of chestnut to using it as an accent color, just using it less and less as you move into Spring. Similarly, low lights should be in the neutral brown range.

Add in a Gloss to keep your hair shiny and fresh. It lasts 4-6 weeks and adds extra shine for the spring and summer months.

Don’t forget to match your clothing and makeup to the changing seasons.