Hair is one of nature’s best layers of protection. It literally keeps you warm in the winter by keeping heat from escaping too quickly from your head. But as the days start to get longer, the temperature is slowly going up and it’s staying brighter outside for longer stretches of time. With the changing seasons, it might be the right time to try out something new, like one of those spring hair trends. Perhaps it is the time to go a little shorter and start lightening up your tone to match the changing seasons.

Spring Hair Trends: What I Recommend

I typically recommend that my clients lighten their hair for Spring near Easter–anytime between mid-February and mid-April. This timing will help them glide gracefully into the springtime and then the summer with a unique hair color. Remember: don’t be radical–all you really need is a more neutral base color accented by highlights and low lights. Just as your wardrobe and complementary makeup adjusts to the colors of spring, so should your hair.

In general, I feel that is the only kind of trend you need to pay attention to in the spring. However, there’s a big wide world out there full of interesting hair styles, colors, and much more. If there are some particular spring hair trends that catch your eye, be sure to bring them to your next appointment! As an experienced hair stylist, I love blending classic hair styles with new and emerging trends for more fashionable and glamorous looks. And I’d be more than happy to do exactly that for you.

Look your best. Spring into the springtime with a lighter look and a brighter you. Keep an eye on this blog for future color tips appropriate to your hair shade in the near future, alongside other tips, tricks, and advice for your hair stylings. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Facebook for new updates, hair styling inspirations, and more.