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Hair care for Winter – #2
Haircare for winterEven if Colorado temperatures continue to fluctuate, we all know that somewhere at some time it’s going to be cold…really cold…Artic cold. So what else can you do to protect your hair from our extreme weather? You’ve lowered the water temperature and reduced the amount of shampooing. Great! Now protect your hair from breakage by drying it well with a towel. Then generously apply a leave-in conditioner such as Nevo Intense Therapy by Pravana. You can never use enough of this hair product. It’s a lightweight spray instead of a cream, which can weigh the hair down. Nevo is designed to hydrate and strengthen your hair. Reducing the amount of blow drying helps prevent damage an repairs dry, brittle hair. Finally, pack in the moisture with a touch of Sebastian light-weight spray either before or after styling, which reduces static in your hair. Ah, styling.