4 Steps To Improve Your Winter Hair Care Routine

Learn how to improve your winter hair care routine.

Even if Colorado temperatures continue to fluctuate, we all know that somewhere at some time it’s going to be cold…really cold…like Arctic-level cold. So what else can you do to protect your hair from those days of extremely cold weather? It really comes down to a regular winter hair care routine that emphasizes moisture retention and reduces your risk of damage.

If you read our last article on proper hair care for winter, then you know the importance of washing your hair less frequently and with lower water temperatures. Now that you’ve lowered that morning shower temperature and reduced the amount of shampooing, you are off to a great start! Now let’s dive into the 4 next steps to improve your winter hair care routine.

How To Get More From Your Winter Hair Care Regimen

Step 1: Dry naturally. After your shower, it’s best to skip over the blow dry process. If done incorrectly and too frequently, blow drying can actually damage your hair. Reducing the amount of blow drying you do helps prevent damage and can help repair dry, brittle hair. It’s almost always better to let your dry as naturally as possible. Of course, you can still effectively protect your hair from breakage by drying it well with a towel.

Step 2: Generously apply a leave-in conditioner. I like to recommend to my clients the Nevo Intense Therapy by Pravana. You can honestly never use enough of this hair product! It’s a lightweight spray instead of a cream, which can weigh the hair down. I honestly love this product because Nevo is specifically designed to hydrate and strengthen your hair.

p>Step 3: Pack in the moisture with a touch of Sebastian light-weight spray either before or after styling. This spray helps reduce static in your hair, which can often be a key contributor to lasting hair damage. With less static, your hair will bounce about beautifully as you less to worry about.

Step 4: Styling. Put your hairstyle together however you see fit! After all, it’s your hair.

And that’s it! Remember to keep these helpful steps in mind as you enjoy your winter days. If you need any further advice for your winter hair care routine, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.