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Truth about hats
Truth about hatsSo you’re up in the stands of your son’s baseball tournament — hour after hot hour. Or you’re playing a round of golf. Or maybe you’re just keeping the sun off your face as you jog through the park. Great job! Hats can help keep us cool, offer shade and protect your skin. Hats are especially helpful for people with naturally light hair color as it helps trap in hair moisture. But here’s a story to consider: I’m no scientist and I haven’t proven this out with research, but my Uncle Vern served in the Korean War. When he went off to war, he left with a full head of hair. Five years and one better-be-tight-to-save-my-life helmet later, Uncle Vern came home pretty thin on the top. My theory is that the helmet was so tight that it restricted blood flow, causing not only loss of hair but the inability for the hair to regrow. So loosen that band and let your hair — and your blood — flow.