The Hard Truth About Hats And Hair

Read up on the hard truth about hats and hair.

You’re up in the hot stands of your son’s baseball tournament, watching him play hour after hour. Or maybe you’re on the golf course on a hot summer day playing through the 18 holes with a friend. Or maybe you’re just keeping the sun off your face as you jog through the park. Hats can come in handy throughout our everyday life at all times of the year. While they can provide tremendous benefits for us, there is an unspoken relationship between hats and hair. And it’s not a positive one.

Hats And Hair: Do Hats Damage Hair?

Whether you’re wearing a baseball cap, a sunhat, or a beanie, hats serve a variety of purposes for us. They can help keep us cool is some shade, protect your skin from UV radiation, keep us warm in the winter, and kick your fashion up a notch. Hats are especially helpful for people with naturally light hair color as it helps trap in moisture for their hair.

But I have a story for you to consider. Many years ago, my Uncle Vern served bravely in the Korean War. When he said goodbye to his family and went off to war, he left with a full head of hair. Five years and one better-be-tight-to-save-my-life helmet later, Uncle Vern returned home pretty thin on the top.

My theory is that the helmet was so tight during the war that it restricted blood flow. This may have, in turn, caused not only loss of hair but the inability for the hair to regrow.

Of course, I should note that I am not a scientist. Real researchers have debated this question about hats and hair damage for numerous years, and there still is no clear consensus on the matter.

Still, I would argue that it is better to be safe than sorry. Your hair can get damaged in a multitude of ways, from over exposure to the sun to the chlorine that your hair absorbs in the pool. If you want to keep your hair healthy for many years to come, then you need to take care of your hair now and be more conscious of your hats and your hair.

So loosen that band on your hat and let your hair — and your blood — flow freely.