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Regular Hair Maintenance
Regular Hair MaintenanceOne thing I often hear from my clients is how good their hair looks right up until their next appointment. This may cause clients to delay or cancel their appointments. One client recently said, “I love my hair. Here it is April already. I am enjoying my hair so much, I really don’t need the appointment until May.” I’m always delighted to know that my clients are pleased right up until I see them again, but keep in mind a few reasons to maintain your hair regularly: 1. Your hair is a living extension of your body. Just as you exercise, enjoy manicures, indulge in an occasional facial or massage, so too should you give your hair the TLC it needs to stay healthy. 2. The longer you go between appointments, the more your hair dries out and splits. As the hair ends split, it is harder to style and manage. 3. Stay on top of trends. 4. Regular trims help maintain the shape of your style and prevent frizz. 5. When you come in every 4-6 weeks, it’s easier to match your color as your hair grows out, ensuring that you always look your best. 6. Transition between seasons with a new style or color. 7. If you are trying to grow your hair out or transition to a new style, it’s important to eliminate potential for split ends to maximize the speed at which your hair will grow. 8. Keep a healthy glow. 9. If your hair is thinning or you want it to grow faster, you should try a vitamin supplement. Try Hair, Skin & Nails by Nature’s Bounty. It’s filled with Vitamins C & E and Biotin. 10. Whether it’s a fresh look to rejuvenate your spirits, a shared confidence from the security of the chair or just a warm hug from your favorite stylist, indulge in a little therapy with one of your most trusted confidants — me!