Improve Your Look With These Hairstyling Tips

Hairstyling tips

You can have a good hair day everyday for the rest of your life with these insightful, yet basic hairstyling tips! After 30+ years in the hair cutting and styling business, I’m confident that these simple suggestions will take any hair type from looking just okay to shockingly great.

Fundamental Hairstyling Tips To Make You Look And Feel Your Best

First and foremost, make sure you shower with your go-to shampoo to clean out your hair for the day. Once that’s done, you’ll want to towel-dry your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner. This will help maintain your hair’s strength and set it up for whatever you’re going to do today.

Now that’s done, we can move onto the meat of our hairstyling tips. Start by placing a generous amount of mousse or gel — at least the size of a quarter or half dollar (remember more control is better than less) — into your palm. Apply at the crown of your head and the front hairline. Then place a little more gel in your palms and scrunch it throughout your hair. I would recommend that you try Sebastian Mousse Forte or Gel Forte; both of these gel options are always a great choice for heat control.

Using a clip or two to section your hair and a metal core brush, start drying and styling your hair from the bottom moving toward the top. This helps hair in the front from over drying and becoming overheated. As you dry your hair, make sure the hair nearest the scalp is dry first before extending to the ends of the hair.

Voila! Style, body, volume and movement. Now this is where any professional hairstylist will declare your hair a masterpiece; however, I know you ladies. You’ve got more hair tools than a handyman has wrenches. So come back soon for clues about curlers, rules about rollers, a few flat iron faux paus, and even more hairstyling tips.