Swimmers Hair Care Tips: Prepare Your Hair For The Pool or Ocean

Learn how to prepare your hair for the pool or ocean with these swimmers hair care tips.

Just like you were always told to wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming, I always caution my clients to prepare their hair for a dip in the pool or in the ocean water. We already know that prolonged exposure to the sun can dry and damage your hair, but did you know that chlorinated water and salt water can both strip your hair of its natural oils and act as a severe drying agent? It’s a serious reality that we all need to accept, which is why you need to take great care to prepare your hair for the pool or the ocean. Fortunately, I’m here to help make swimmers hair care routines a little easier.

Thanks to my 30+ years in the hair industry, I’ve accumulated plenty of valuable information on hair and how to properly care for it in all kinds of situations. Before you take a dive into the pool or head to the beach for some sun and surf, make sure you adhere to these helpful tips for proper swimmers hair care.

3 Tips For Better Swimmers Hair Care Routines

As you know, constant exposure to the sun will inevitably lead to lighter hair color. This fact is especially true for anyone who has colored hair. So, your hair care routine at the pool and at the beach is even more important on those sunny days. Remember to stick to the following tips to keep your hair healthy, luxurious, and beautiful:

1. Before you go swimming, wet your hair and apply an inexpensive conditioner throughout. That conditioner will help keep the chlorine from absorbing into your hair. Pool showers will often have simple conditioners available, but you can also bring your own.

2. Wash your hair thoroughly after you’re done swimming for the day. That doesn’t mean you need to shampoo it vigorously though! Excessive shampoo usage can actually contribute to drying out your hair. Just make sure you take a good shower after your swim that thoroughly rinsing off your hair.

3. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to replenish the moisture. I recommend to all of my clients new and old to use Mend, the most moisturizing conditioner from our SEVEN product line. This salon-quality conditioner is a surefire way to restore the moisture in your hair to help keep it healthy after your swim.

And that’s it! Those 3 tips for swimmers hair care are all you need know to keep those luxurious locks healthy and undamaged.

Of course, we must point out the fact that these tips are especially important for blondes and other individuals with naturally curly and porous hair. This is because those hair types are generally more susceptible to absorbing chlorine. So if you have any of those hair types, remember to take these tips more seriously.