Lighten Up For The Spring: Red Head Hair Colors

Lighten up for the springtime with some new red head hair colors.

Just like other hair types, red heads can change up their hair colors to make them brighter, darker, or different shades of red. You might even feel inclined to change your hair color with the changing seasons. The spring represents an ideal time of the year to change things up and experiment with different red head hair colors. Today I wanted to continue our discussion from the other two recent blogs to focus on how red heads can adapt their hair to the changing seasons. So, let’s get started!

Ways To Adjust Red Head Hair Colors

Much like my previous advice for both blondes and brunettes, red heads have the opportunity to lighten up for the Spring too.

One of the best ways to adjust your red hair for the spring is to bring up your base color a little bit and try adding medium to light highlights throughout your hair. You could even complement your new color with a shorter, sassier haircut (like the model in our picture above). Plow through your closet or go for a quick shopping spree to find colors that reflect the season.

Just like brunettes, red heads can benefit greatly from adding a Gloss to keep hair shiny and fresh. It lasts roughly 4-6 weeks and adds extra shine for the spring and summer months.

And while red heads are always cautioned to stay out of the sun, it’s just as important for your hair as it is for your skin. Try SEVEN’s COLOR Shampoo and Conditioner line. These salon-quality products are highly effective at protecting the hair’s hues while providing needed moisture to color-treated hair. COLOR uses a patented color protectant, ChromAveil, to prevent hair color from fading due to sun exposure and protects the hair fiber’s integrity.